UBC Kids Church has resumed normal programming

If you have any questions, please contact Esther: esther@universitybiblechurch.org

UBC Kids Church

We want kids to love to come to church, we teach them the Bible while they’re here, and we help equip parents to teach their children how to live a Christian life.

UBC Kids Church Cheetahs Class

Welcome to UBC’s super exciting, powerful, and fun-filled Kids Church program!

Kids Church is UBC Children’s Ministry’s Sunday School program, with a goal of providing a church-community for all of the children at UBC through worship, Bible-lessons, activities, and fellowship. We take God’s command to teach His Truth to children seriously at UBC — all while the children have a great time!

Sunday Morning Kids Church

Sunday Morning Kids Church begins at 10:40 am, and we get into a large group to start our opening activities. During this time, the children get to fellowship and have fun through our fun Sunday morning games, and get a glimpse of what they’ll be learning during the lesson pitches.

At 11 am, the kids join the worship service for praise time, then go to their classes. During each class, teachers provide fun and instructional lessons and activities so that the children would grow in knowledge of God’s Word and in love for Him and His church! We use the “The Gospel Project” curriculum provided by Lifeway, The Gospel Project.

At the end of the classes, we join back together share what we’ve learned in our classes, watch “Explore the Bible on Location” video, and end with a couple of worship songs and prayer. Parents/guardians can pick up the kids afterwards after the “check-in” with one of the Kids Church volunteers.

Sunday Afternoon Kids Church (on hold)

Sunday afternoon program is also provided for the children while the adults attend the Sunday afternoon classes. During the Sunday Afternoon Kids Church, we either play a fun game or do an activity as a large group, or break up into two groups – one for games and another for crafts. Afterwards, the children get together to hear weekly Missionary stories or watch bible-story movies. Kids are provided with snacks.

* All of our volunteers are background-checked.

Classrooms & Play Areas

Sunday School Classrooms Nursery

Lambs (left), Koalas (right)

The Lambs (Nursery) and the Koalas (2s & 3s) are able to engage in various activities and have fun while the adults and older kids are in service/Sunday School classes. Several volunteers* help watch and play with the kids and read stories from the Bible to them.

* All of our volunteers are background-checked.

Sunday School Classrooms Dolphins


The Dolphins class consists of the pre-k/kindergarteners. The children are introduced to the foundations of God’s truth through the lessons and the hands-on activities.

Sunday School Classrooms Cheetahs


The Cheetahs class  consists of 1st through 3rd graders. Each class continues to build on the foundation of the Christian faith and learn biblical principles through the lessons and the activities. The children are encouraged to read each week’s bible passage during lesson.


The Eagles class consists of 4th through 6th graders. Through the Bible reading and lively discussions, the class encourages understanding, critical thinking, and application of the beliefs of the Christian faith to the lives of individual kids.

Esther Kwon

Esther is our Children’s Ministry Coordinator and can be reached at: esther@universitybiblechurch.org

* All of our volunteers are background-checked.

UBC Family Room

Family Room & Play Area

UBC provides ample space for the children’s fun and entertainment. In addition to the Family Room (left), there’s an outdoor play area (right) with kids cars, mini-slides, balls, and a basketball/volleyball court. Our kids love to run around in a safe environment and have fun while at church!

UBC Kids Play Area