University Bible Church Wednesday Night Bible Study

Wednesday Night Bible Study

Study with discussion from 7:30-8:30PM

Walking in the Light of God’s Word

Join us in this verse-by-verse study of 1 John

“Over against our own evangelical culture, in which compromise, political correctness, spiritual lethargy, and cultural relativity are common, stands the short letter of 1 John. Few have poured over its pages without being personally confronted with the apostle’s boldness and stark delineation between those who are “in the light” and those who still walk in the “darkness” of the world. None should miss the author’s clear description of what it means to believe and confess the word of life as those who have been “born of God.” A faithful study of 1 John yields a treasure trove of riches for the soul and mind as the reader is confronted by the apostle’s message in its five short chapters. Does it matter what one believes? Does it matter what one believes about Jesus, specifically? Can one know God and it have no impact on one’s life? John is bold and lucid on these and other matters and as such, his words are both timely and timeless. Indeed, such a message transcends the centuries and comes to us with abiding relevance.” – BARRY JOSLIN