As a service, the University Bible Church College Group provides free rides between church and the UCLA dorms!

Our Vision

As a Christian church near UCLA we want to equip college-age people to become strong disciples of Jesus Christ, with biblical doctrine, humble hearts, and servant hands. During the 2-4 years they attend, we want to prepare them to continue the Great Commission in whatever personal, professional or ministry settings they will experience in the future.

We approach this goal in multiple ways, including:

  • Friday night group meetings at University Bible Church (UBC)
  • Teaching that is Bible-centered and life-stage appropriate
  • Encouragement to “plug in” to the church family through Sunday mornings, fellowship and service with other UBCers;
  • Hospitality: rides, serving the students, and encouraging them to serve with us;
  • Finals Week Study Spot;
  • Partnership with Campus Ministries and para-church organizations;
  • Prayer for the students’ growth, protection, salvation, and individual needs.

Friday Night Meetings

We meet every Friday night during the Fall, Winter, and Spring quarters, offering Bible-centered, life-stage-appropriate teaching.

Teaching topics on what the Bible says about the Christian life, including:

  • relationships (romantic ones, and friendships with believers and non-believers)
  • spiritual disciplines
  • fruit of the Spirit
  • relationship with the Lord
  • purpose in life and discovering one’s calling
  • theology/doctrine/discernment
  • apologetics
  • personal healing & growing in character maturity

Encouragement to “Plug-In” to the Church Family

College is a time of spiritual and social transition from youth to adulthood. We want students to see the vision of becoming contributing members, and even leaders, in local churches, including UBC, and “the universal church.” As they connect with and serve Christ’s people, they share their own energy, enthusiasm, and perspective with UBC. Both the students and UBC are blessed by their involvement!

Ministry Opportunities

We regularly invite students to serve or disciple others in accordance with their own spiritual growth. We provide opportunities for students to experience the joy the Lord promises to those who give of themselves.

Relationship Building

Cross-generational mentorship and discipleship emerges naturally from casual and intentional interactions, such as after-service meals, serving opportunities, and fellowship. We are also able to intentionally connect interested students with mature Christians for one-on-one mentorship.


Every Friday night we serve a home-made meal to our students, giving them a break from dining hall food.

At least once a quarter, we invite students to cook with us:

  • to disciple them on how to serve one another
  • to teach the life skill of “how to handle oneself in a kitchen!”


Fall, Winter, and Spring quarter, we provide rides to and from the De Neve turnaround at the UCLA dorms for Sunday service (11 AM).

Pick UpDe Neve turnaround • Sundays 10:40 AM

Drop Off • De Neve turnaround, throughout Westwood

If you’re planning on joining us, please call us at least 20 minutes before scheduled pick up.
That way, we know to look for you, and you can know which car to look for!
310.474.9065, or 626.253.7169

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Leadership Team

Eric Lui

A UC Berkeley graduate (2000), Eric has served as a college counselor,  youth ministry worker, deacon, and Bible teacher. Eric is a native Southern Californian; he and his wife Flora live between UCLA and Century City, where he serves as director of a team of engineers at Factual.


Eric wants students to become disciples of Jesus through a deeper love and reverence for the Scriptures, a firm foundation of a persevering, mature faith, and the intellectual tools to overturn the philosophies and assumptions of culture (2 Cor 10:5). His favorite authors are GK Chesterton, Timothy Keller, and RC Sproul.


Some of his favorite things include cross-cultural missions, technology and communication, economics, games, history, international politics, international aid and development, civic engagement, public education, relationships and dating, and barbecue.

Emily Park

Having attended UBC since her freshman year at UCLA, Emily graduated in 2013 with a B.A. in Art History and minor in Anthropology. She now works at the Getty Research Institute in the field of rights and reproductions.


Emily desires to see students operate out of the acceptance and full knowledge of Christ’s love: creating and encouraging the growth of John 13:34-35 communities, reaching out to others, and putting His redeeming love into action.


Some of her other interests include: events fostering fellowship, overseas missions, worship music, art conservation, photography, museums & cultural institutions, the relationship between arts and cultures, UBC Study Spot, and DIY projects.