Dear University Bible Church,

In compliance with our Governor’s orders, Mayor Garcetti and the LA County Public Health Officer have issued orders that prevent us from gathering in person.  We are honoring God, by honoring the Scriptures which teach us in Romans 13:1 to be subject to the governing authorities. So we are honoring Scripture in subjecting ourselves to our state and local authorities. Our Governor, Mayor, local authorities and medical community need our prayers.

We are postponing all of our weekly activities and events at least through April 19th or as directed. However, we will be making a circumstantial accommodation for worship by broadcasting our Sunday morning service which will include worship, prayer, and the preaching of the Scriptures through our website. Join us Sunday mornings over the next few weeks through the sermon library on our website that is accessible here. Each Sunday’s broadcast will be available by 11am and can be watched and re-watched. Whereas we won’t be able to be meeting together in person for a few weeks, this is still the time to be the church and to minister to our neighbors and those in need. If anyone is in need of items that you aren’t comfortable shopping for please let us know and we want to help serve.

We have much to be thankful for during this time. Many throughout our city will have time to be alone with God in ways they didn’t avail themselves to – so let’s pray this season will be used by the Lord to draw many seekers to him in faith in Jesus their Messiah. We’ve been praying for revival and the Lord can certainly use this means for his glory. It’s also a great time to be with family, read some good books, devote yourselves to prayer, and thank God for the first world blessings we have here in the U.S. Most people in our world do not have access to what we have, no primary or secondary care, no social services programs, no tax breaks, no bailouts, God is still good and we are blessed in abundance. Let’s thank him this week and worship him together this Sunday by watching our broadcast and communing with our Lord.

Yours in Christ, Pastor Bryan