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Senior Pastor: Rob Brooks

Rob BrooksSenior Pastor

Rob grew up on the East Coast and never thought he would become a pastor; it didn’t even make the list of expected careers. But, as a teenager he personally trusted in Jesus Christ for the first time. Over a couple years, through the influence of a youth pastor, his own desire to help others understand the reality of Jesus, experiences in service, and the people around him, he realized God’s call to serve Him.

He became the pastor of University Bible Church in 2009. His background includes serving as an associate pastor and college pastor at two different evangelical churches in Southern California. Like UBC’s founding pastor, he is a graduate of Princeton Theological Seminary (M.Div). He has been married to Rebecca, a fellow PTS graduate, since 1999, who is an amazing wife, ministry partner, and best friend. They have four sons: Daniel, Ryan, Jason and Jonathan. He loves being with his family, books, movies, basketball, surfing, and the beach. Rob and Rebecca thoroughly enjoy living in Los Angeles, and love the community of Westwood.

How did you become a Christian?

I grew up in a church but I believed religion/God was not for me; it was a distant thing and not relevant to my life. But in my teenage years, through a couple of older men and through reading a devotional book, I realized that Jesus was alive, He is God and this fact is incredibly relevant to my life – it actually changes everything about life. It was in the late summer of 1990 that I realized the reality of Jesus Christ and committed my life to Him.

What brought you to UBC?

I was the assistant pastor at a church about an hour away, and God had spoken to my heart, showing me that I would not be there much longer. It was as if the calling to that church lifted off my heart. This was a surprise, since it was a great church and the senior pastor and I got along very well. Soon after I felt that, a speaker from Jews for Jesus (and now a good friend), Tuvya Zaretsky, came to speak at that church and afterward we had a long talk about the future. He happened to be on the pastoral search committee here at UBC, which had been without a pastor for 2 years. Rebecca and I prayed and visited the church, and through the search process we sensed God’s leading to come here.

What are your favorite kind of books?

This is a tough question. I have almost no time to read novels any more, so I don’t. Besides the Bible, theology and apologetics books, I enjoy well-written biographies and historical books. Edmund Morris’ trilogy on Theodore Roosevelt is probably the best biography series I’ve ever read. Eric Metaxas’ Bonhoeffer is a great read. I really like Henry Cloud’s work on leadership and psychology. Dallas Willard. C.S. Lewis. Charles Spurgeon.

What is your favorite classic movie?

The ‘80s and ‘90s are “classic” for me! I’m not really into old black and whites. Some of my all time favorites include Lord of the Rings, original Star Wars, Indiana Jones, A Few Good Men, Hunt for Red October, Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Good superhero and legal movies are fun too.

Snow or beach?

I’ll take the beach 10 times out of 10.

Least favorite subject in school?


Starbucks, Coffee Bean or Peet’s?

I would say Peet’s, with Starbucks in second place. Coffee Been has some great drinks other than their drip coffee which just tastes bland to me.

Things you miss about living in other places?

Lack of traffic, of course. The peace and quiet without constant noise. But that’s about it – the weather here makes up for a lot!